Complex Connections Lab

The Complex Connections Lab is a research laboratory based at the Northeastern University London dedicated to studying the complex social connections that govern human behavior and interactions in cities and online. Our lab focuses on the study of the digital traces we left behind to capture human behavior and social dynamics through the lens of network science, complexity theory, and Data Science.

Our team is made up of researchers in fields such as data science, computer science, and mathematics. We work together to develop innovative methods and tools to analyze large-scale data sets and gain insights into the underlying principles of the complex connections we live within.

From Reddit posts to Mobile phone traces, our research questions are built in close relationships with data providers and institutions. We decoupled the changes in human mobility across the UK during the Covid-19 health crisis; provided data-driven approaches for spatial planning, poverty reduction, and disaster resilience in developing countries such as Nigeria and Mexico.

Currently, we are developing new complex systems and Machine Learning models to capture digital human traces to understand urban segregation. Moreover, we are quantifying and modeling a novel mechanism able to explain the endogenous formation of consensus in social networks and synchronous dynamics of users' behaviors under the influence of exogenous events.

Projects Highlights:

Mobilkit - Urban Resilience

Urban Resilience using Mobile Phone Data

Time-dynamics of segregation

Income segregation at neighborhood scale

Space-Time Mobility

Covid19 Effects on Space-Time mobility patterns

Engaging Events

Recurring patterns in online social media

Covid-19 Mobility Project

Urban Mobility during Covid-19

Social interactions' on Reddit

Reddit and the GameStop short squeeze

European Labor Integration

EU Employment Bipartite Network Evolution

Economic Complexity

Inequality and Social Network

Segregation and Urban Topology

Big Data for Women

Credit Card and Urban Analisys

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We just finished our hiring cycle!

Other opportunites will rise:
Meanwhile, if you are interested in joining our team, we encourage you to apply for a Marie Curie fellowship or a Newton International Fellowship or Early Career Leverhulme. These fellowships provide funding and support for early-career researchers to conduct research in top research institutions around the world. Joining the Complex Connections Lab through one of these fellowships is a great way to jumpstart your career and gain valuable experience working on innovative projects.

Opening position for visiting Ph.D. students, M.Sc. students are always open, just contact us!