Research Projects:

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All Topics Urban Systems Network Theory Computational Social Science Economic Systems Human Behaviors Biology

Time-dynamics of segregation

Income segregation at neighborhood scale

Space-Time Mobility

Covid19 Effects on Space-Time mobility patterns

Engaging Events

Recurring patterns in online social media

Covid-19 Mobility Project

Urban Mobility during Covid-19

Social interactions' on Reddit

Reddit and the GameStop short squeeze

European Labor Integration

EU Employment Bipartite Network Evolution

Mobilkit - Urban Resilience

Urban Resilience using Mobile Phone Data

Economic Complexity

Inequality and Social Network

Segregation and Urban Topology

Birth and Death of a Social-Network

Geography in the complex diffusion of innovations

Big Data for Women

Credit Card and Urban Analisys

Spending Tribes

Credit Card and Urban Analisys

Urban Fuel Consumption

The case of Riyadh

Bmotifs on mutualistic Network

A bipartite network package


Modeling Train Delay

Reconstructing Meso-Scale Structure

World Trade Web and Interbank Network

Projections of Bipartite Networks

Movilens and World Trade Web

Banks' Liquidity

Shortages in the Interbank Markets

Portfolios' Overlap Risk

Analysis of assest Holding

From Diversification to Innovation

Evolution of Product Network

Signals of 2008 Crisis on WTW

Evidence from bipartite Networks of WTW

Bipartite Network

Randomizing the World Trade Web

Schools Size & Cities Size

Schools and geographical features


Countries competitiveness and firms diversification

Modeling the Drug Abuse

ABM of Drug Abuse